Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Faces Known



Her heart has become hollow,
Punctured, and all the love that filled it
Drained. The spear that pierced her killed it,
The rest of her to follow.
She wants to share compassion,
But she is a dried-up vineyard,
Dust. She keeps on digging inward,
But finds her soul is ashen.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Selfless – 1

Compassion from Pain

She learned to say “I love you”
When she went to say goodbye,
And taught herself to smile
Even with no reason why.
She could not find a light source
In the dark and cold of earth,
So she became a candle,
Warming others with her mirth.
She could not heal her own heart,
It was far beyond that hope.
She could not reach a lifeline,
So she chose to be a rope
For others to take hold of,
Pulling at her strength to rise.
You never see her heartache
Past the love that fills her eyes.

– s. Clark

Raised Walls

Let loose the barricade! The briar
woven by the hurtful woes
and twisted into brittle spire,
unbroken by the swell of fire,
frozen thickly as it grows.

Yet breaks the cold and massive bastion,
not upon the violent throws
of ardor and aggressive action,
but, soft, the whisper of compassion
melting, splitting where it goes.

– s. Clark

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