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Dripping Poetry

Dripping Poetry


A little color for you guys this Monday morning!


Something Beautiful

Give me something beautiful
I have seen gray,
Mud-slushed water in street drains
Billowed clouds holding back their tears
Cold, silent gravestones set in perfect order
Parking lots, of rocks pounded into dust
By tired treads of whining wheels.
Give me color
Dandelions scattered over fields,
Tiny spots of sun in their emerald sky
Soft, pink blossoms twirling in the wind
Endless, untouched white coating the ground,
Clinging to trees in sunrise sparkles
Give me life
Cherry-apple cheeks of laughing children
Deep, chestnut hair, braid-twisted,
And hidden halfway beneath a scarlet hat
The faded rust of cobblestone streets
Ocean eyes set in an earthen face
I have seen too much of gray,
Give me something beautiful

– s. Clark


Words settled on him like a mist
He soaked them through his skin
Inhaled them deep into his lungs
And gathered them within
He breathed them back into the world
All swirling, colored smoke
Stained with the ink etched on his soul,
He painted when he spoke.

– s. Clark

Touch of Harmony

Just a touch of harmony,
A river through my skin!
I feel it like the swelling sea,
Cascading from my soul.
A rushing, thrushing waterfall,
My spirit drinks it in!
It breaks the bittered cynic wall,
It surges to console.

Like color bursting in the mind,
That flows in painted streams
And twists to blend, their hues entwined,
Mosaic mix of light!
Oh what intoxicating voice
That sizzles in my seams,
That lets the battered heart rejoice
Like stars within the night!

– s. Clark

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