Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Something Beautiful, remastered

The winter and recent pendulum-swing of weather had me thinking of this poem for #ThrowbackThursday, and I decided to remaster it!

I hope each of you experiences beauty today. ☺️

Theme Week: Spring and New Growth – 1

Emerging Spring

Old man Winter sat upon his stoop
Puffing frosty breath into the air,
Cracked his brittle knuckles as he gazed,
Brushed his icy slippers on the stair.
Looking back, he called into the house,
“Child, it is time to rise from bed.
My stay here is passed, and yours is nigh,
Wake, and shake the cold out from your head.
Earth awaits the sunshine of your smile,
For its warmth to melt the crystal snow,
And it craves the sweet scent of your breath
To expel the frigid winds that blow.
Come, dear, there are frozen trees and fields
Waiting for your touch to make them bloom.
You will bring no beauty to the world
Painting light into your silent room.”
As he sat with flowing beard and robes
Rolling full and white onto the floor,
Came a tiny head of floret hair
Bobbing up to hide against the door.
He raised up his hand and waved her on,
So with timid grin and swishing skirt,
Spring danced out to join him on the stoop,
Dainty feet and fingers dyed with dirt.
Laughing, she reached out her tiny arms
Greeting earth, and as her gladness spread,
So the warmth she held. Until at last,
Winter rose, and softly went to bed.

– s. Clark

Theme week: Nature Personified – 1

Gentle Winter

The winter washes white
Across the mountains, and
Its breath upon the land
Blows frost into he night.
It whispers to the rain
To slow its forceful fall,
And, at the pleaful call,
Drift down upon the plain.
It sings a sweet duet
Upon the crispen breeze
With all the swaying trees
Of how they first had met.
It curls into the hair
Of people passing by,
With just a gentle sigh
To say that it was there.

– s. Clark

In This Moment

She is happy
With her twinkling Christmas lights
And her candles
Lighting up the frosty nights
Fuzzy blankets
Soft and snuggly in her bed
Apple cider
Cinnamon goes to her head
She is happy

– s. Clark


Rose Bud
In the cool of day
A soft rose opens it’s eye
To wink at the sun


In a storm’s dead heart
Dark thoughts find new energy
As the lightening stings


I can’t stand the cold
Creeping around the corners
It chills my warm heart

– s. Clark

Frosted Rose

She was lovely, true, but cold.
Frozen heart in velvet skin.
Far too rigid to unfold,
Petals locked the beauty in.
And, though pleasing to behold,
Chose belated to begin.
Winter is not kind, she’s told,
Bloomed while wilting, brown and thin.

– s. Clark

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