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Theme Week: Fighting for Light – 3

Loving Arms

Sometimes the darkness gets its way
Sometimes I cannot find the day,
But when I most deeply had lost my way,
That was the time You found me.

Sometimes I feel the pain’s too deep
Sometimes it seems the climb’s too steep,
But I can fight the whole world, if You keep
Your loving arms around me.

– s. Clark

Oh what a glory, blessed am I!
What a privilege, by and by
To serve my King within the eye
Of every storm, ‘neath any sky!

Oh what a triumph, joy so great
To stand with Him in midst of hate
And know His love does not abate!
And learn His patience as I wait

Oh what a peace is mine, to know
That He is there within the throw
Of pain, of pride, of grief, and so
To be raised high when I am low!

Oh what a joyous life is mine
To cling so closely to the vine
Where hope, and truth, and grace entwine!
To humbly walk His narrow line

What comfort now, when sorrows rise
To look within His shining eyes
And find Him good, and true, and wise!
To know Him, as my precious prize!

– s. Clark

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