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Theme Week: Path and Purpose – 1

The Cure

Teach me the lullaby
for a heart that dreams too greatly.
Teach me to sing passion to sleep
and soothe the thirst which so innately
vexes me. There must be some way
to calm the aching,
to distract the fervent mind,
and coax the spirit into breaking.
Write me a prescription
for reality, and insist that I take
my daily dose. Inject me with vaccines
of harsh fact. Ensure I stay awake.
Surely you know, you must,
so stable in your comfort, so secure
in your routine, ordinary life…
Yes, you must know the cure.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Prayer – 2

Taking My Call

Thank you for taking my call…
I know it seems silly, and pointless and all,
But we both know that I need some help.
It’s the first time I’ve called
That it feels like I’m talking to myself.
My voice just resounding, rebounding,
And back to my ears,
And only trust tells me you hear.
And even that drowned out by fear.

I don’t think I know what love is anymore,
And I realize how cliche that is.
But you were the standard that measured the score,
And I don’t know you like I thought I did before,
And there isn’t a handbook for this.
And God, if there is,
Then it’s not one I know how to read.
Once again, all the fault lies with me.
I can’t seem to find my way out of this hole,
And I tell myself my thoughts are in my control,
But I can’t heal these patches of void in my soul,
No, that only you can do.

So thank you for taking my call.
It still feels silly, and pointless, but all
That I know is, God, I need some help.
So I will keep calling,
As long as I’m falling,
Because hope is all I have by now.
And faith, that you’ll save me somehow.

– s. Clark

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