Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Millisecond by Millisecond

Millisecond by Millisecond

Already Broken

You cannot break me.
I’ve already been broken.
For, once, I loved.
So deeply
that the depth cannot be spoken.
And now I am unbreakable
For I’m already broken.

– s. Clark

Broken, But Whole

I’d rather be vulnerable, raw, broken-down,
I’d rather be bent with my face to the ground,
Swallowing pain with the salt of my tears,
And watch as my precious-held pride disappears.
I’d rather be shattered, and battered upon
I’d rather be fractured, and learn to hold on
To the hand of the One who gives every good thing
I’d rather be dashed at the feet of my King.
I’d rather I crumble, be bruised all within,
And learn to be humble, to cling close to Him
I’d rather accept that I’m precious, but flawed,
And learn to survive on the breath of my God.

– s. Clark


Sadness hits like novocaine,
Sudden numbness in the veins
Starts within the heart, and shoots
Screaming to your limbs and roots
All at once your body stops,
Mind goes frozen, stomach drops,
All at once the sudden dread
Weighing down your bones like lead
Pulls you fiercely to the floor
Makes you earthbound, core to core
You are stone, heavy and slow,
Ice where all your blood should flow
Leaning broken on the wall,
With no strength to move at all

– s. Clark

Locked Rooms

Found a place inside my head
Dark, and dull, and filled with dread
One that no one else can see
Where the hateful thoughts are fed

Found a place that’s all its own
Cheerful words are overthrown
Where the world comes crashing down,
Emptiness that dwells alone

One empowered spear of night
Was enough to quell the light
Strip the joyful to the bone,
Hide the hopeful out of sight

Found a place inside my head
Cold, and crusted liquid red
One with no escaping door
Where the fragile things lie dead

– s. Clark

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