Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"


broken heart


It is a risky chance you take,
To love someone with all your heart.
You hand them tools to cut you down,
You gamble from the very start.
You chance the screaming, crushing pain,
You risk that they will not depart.

– s. Clark

Locked Rooms

Found a place inside my head
Dark, and dull, and filled with dread
One that no one else can see
Where the hateful thoughts are fed

Found a place that’s all its own
Cheerful words are overthrown
Where the world comes crashing down,
Emptiness that dwells alone

One empowered spear of night
Was enough to quell the light
Strip the joyful to the bone,
Hide the hopeful out of sight

Found a place inside my head
Cold, and crusted liquid red
One with no escaping door
Where the fragile things lie dead

– s. Clark

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