Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Theme Week: Bravery – 3

Faith and Fear

Faith is the crisp, clean water
That soothes your thirsting heart.
Fear is the potent poison
That pulls the soul apart.
One cannot stand the other,
They cannot live combined,
Toxins in cleansing water,
Or fear with faith in mind.
One drop of bitter poison
Will spoil all you drink,
Just as one fear you hold to
Can ruin how you think.
And just as cleansing water
Will wash a venom out,
So too can trust through hardship
Rush through, and cleanse your doubt.
You must choose one or other,
You cannot hold to both,
You’ll find you’re drinking poison
And cutting off your growth.
So drink your cleansing water
Completely on its own.
Faith is not true faith, until
You let it stand alone.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Bravery – 2

Truly Brave

He has fought fear.
He has charged unknown dangers,
cast himself full-tilt upon the task
and been broken, dashed,
and pieced himself together.
He has stood eye to angry eye
with gritted teeth, flexed muscles,
and faced down larger foes.
He has hung at heights,
staring down at speckled earth
miles from his curling toes
and tilted forward into open air.
He has born the weight of pain,
shouldered agony until it was his
and carried it until it conceded.
He has faced every challenge,
and met every dread with a grin.
Ah, but if he can love her— then
he will be truly brave.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Bravery – 1

The Courage to Live

He walks through empty pews,
feet crunching on the shards
of stained glass dreams. The news
has reached him: the abyss
gapes and consumes, unmoved
by what one man would miss.
He raises up his head,
though wearied and weighed down,
the smoking dark has bled
beneath the door, but he
looks up to find the light,
though he can barely see
it anymore. The cold
has crept into his hearth.
He feels so very old,
but he is still alive,
sometimes that is the most
that we can do. Survive.
Praying that God will give
the courage that we need
to wake up, and to live.

– s. Clark











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