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Worthy of War

I remember
Gazing at your smiling face
Soft, round cheeks
That soaked in all my kisses
Bright, wide eyes lit with wonder
As yet untainted
By all the cruelty of the earth
And I heard
Your gurgling, squeaking voice
Pure emotion, not yet twisted
With the sounds of explanation
Or curbed by bitten tongue
Tiny, grasping fingers
Reaching for the world
And I thought, so ironically,
“This, if anything at all,
Is a thing for which
I would go to war.”

– s. Clark


This was written upon request for my new little niece, who is an adorable fluff ball of lovely! But it can be applied to all people, newly constructed or finely antiqued. Keep growing, my dears!


Grow in grace, and grow in beauty,
Grow your mercy with your might,
Rise to meet the darkness, grinning,
Never let go of the Light

Grow, and cause us all to wonder
How we lived before you came,
So we cannot help but smile
At the mention of your name.

Grow to fill the space constructed
With the blueprint of your soul
In this story God has written,
Only you can play your role.

Leave your footprints here like canyons,
Tiny though your feet may be,
May the world shake with your wisdom,
And your love stretch like the sea.

May you look back on your time here
And walk proudly as you go.
Leave us all standing astounded
At the ways that you will grow.

– s. Clark

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