Shigé Clark Writing



Two Birds

The sky is stone, the sky is steel
The sky cannot be broken
The wood is dark, and filled with words
That do not dare be spoken

The eagle flies and beats her wings
Against the azure armor
The nightingale looks up and sings
Beneath the trees that harm her

Within the waves of crystal blue
The eagle drowns, still flying
And under folds of quashing green
A croaking song is dying

But Freedom won’t be chained to earth,
Her wings are steel and stronger
And Joy, though wounded, sings her worth
To all those who would wrong her

The sky will crack, the darkness die,
The earth itself is roaring
Beneath unconquerable will,
Two birds, singing and soaring.

– s. Clark


Muddy mire, sucking sand
Muck that pulls and swallows whole
Garbage clutched within the hand
Hoarded as a jeweled treasure
By imaginary measure
Leeching on a soul

Troubled trickster, smiling pain,
Dancing in his ignorance
Thinks he dances in the rain
But the blissful fool will drown
Washed away, the twisted clown
Never had a chance

Break his will before he burns
Everything that he holds dear
How is it he never learns?
Fire scars the more you hold,
Clay breaks if it will not mold
Clutch submission near

– s. Clark

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