Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"

First featured reader!

First featured reader, fellow poet Chris Wheeler​!
If you also want your very own copy of The Beauty of People, you can get it at
You can read Chris’s amazing poetry at Definitely check it out, I love his stuff!

Send me pictures!

My lovely friends! I hope you are enjoying The Beauty of People, and I am loving getting the pictures you’ve sent thus far!

Send me a selfie with the book and I’ll feature you and whatever page/project you want to highlight on my instagram page. 🙂

50% off express shipping!

If you’re looking to get The Beauty of People before Christmas, you can use the code EXPRESS2018 to get 50% express shipping from now until 13 December!


The Beauty of People is HERE!!!

Guys, IT CAME IN EARLY! And it looks AMAZING!!!
You can buy it at, all proceeds from now to the end of the year will go to The Rabbit Room, a non-profit dedicated to story, art, and music!
Don’t forget to drop by C3 Art and commend Pieter on this AMAZING cover art and all the beautiful drawings inside!!!


Featured post


My debut poetry book The Beauty of People will be available for purchase IN 10 DAYS!!!
All proceeds through the end of the year go to The Rabbit Room, a nonprofit organization bringing people together and changing lives through story, art, and music (and poetry!)
This amazing organization has endlessly inspired me and changed my life, and I want my first action of my first real, physical product to be to give back.

So not only will you get a beautiful book of poetry, you’ll be donating to this most worthy, worthy cause!


So it begins…

When you are putting a poetry book in order, it helps to have Christmas lights, candles, tea, and painted toes.

Get ready!

– Shigé

Wild, Wandering Words

Wild, Wandering Words

Book incoming! I seek your answers.

Friends! I am putting out a poetry book, and I WANT TO KNOW YOUR DESIRES! Listed are the possible theme(s) the book could take, and I would like to know what you would most like to see. Answer in the comments!

  • Grief & Rebirth
  • Of Lovely, Quiet Things
  • Prayers & Praises
  • Poems for the Grieving
  • Poems of Encouragement
  • The Beauty of People

One Day Soon, remastered

One Day Soon remastered

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