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Love Poems

Future Love

You love me for the girl I am.
And yes, that means so much to me,
But I am searching for the man
Who loves, with driving certainty,
The person I have not yet been,
The woman that I wish to be.

– s. Clark


Your beauty always caught me
But I’ve been caught
One too many times
And I’ve always loved poetry
But I’ve written
One too many rhymes
And I talked to the moon,
He said he’s tired of looking down
On star-crossed lovers
Maybe I’m giving in too soon
But I forgot the way to know
We knew each other.

I’ll somehow always love you
But I’ve learned now
“Love” means many things
And one of those is feeling
But those feelings
Don’t mean anything
And I spoke with the sea,
She said she’s not as wide or deep
As we once thought her
There are things that do not come free
And we thought love was cheaper
Back when we first bought her.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Love – 4

On and On

I will love you in the morning,
I will love you through the night.
I will love you in the darkness
when you’re overcome with fright.
Through the maze of twisting pathways,
And when all the signs are gone,
I will love you through forever,
I will love you on and on.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Love – 3

Divine Romance

I could dance with You forever
Soft steps slide across the ground
In light or in the storm-torn weather
Love creates the sweetest sound.
Slowly, in Your shelter-arms
And to the beating of Your heart,
I turn, and know I’m safe from harm
A comfort that will not depart.
And at last, I can rest at peace
Within the beauty of our dance
To know that pain and fear will cease
To love You, our Divine Romance.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Love – 2


Her dreams were her wings,
And hope was her sky.
Love was the magic
That taught her to fly.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Love – 1

Building Bridges

They built them with their happy sighs
And whispers under sheets
They built them out of reaching hands
And snow-brushed winter streets
They built them over angry words
And over river tears,
They threaded wire memories
To string across their fears.
She stacked hope stones with shaking hands
And eyelids sneaking looks,
He poured concrete encouragement
And bought blueprints with books.
They built them over years of time,
Through life, with all its ridges,
And crossed to reach each other’s souls
Two lovers, building bridges

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Bravery – 2

Truly Brave

He has fought fear.
He has charged unknown dangers,
cast himself full-tilt upon the task
and been broken, dashed,
and pieced himself together.
He has stood eye to angry eye
with gritted teeth, flexed muscles,
and faced down larger foes.
He has hung at heights,
staring down at speckled earth
miles from his curling toes
and tilted forward into open air.
He has born the weight of pain,
shouldered agony until it was his
and carried it until it conceded.
He has faced every challenge,
and met every dread with a grin.
Ah, but if he can love her— then
he will be truly brave.

– s. Clark


He could hear her laughing
She wrote her mirth with noisy ink
on paper-thin walls
And he read it from the other side,
wondering at the author’s inspiration.

He could hear her grumbling
as she stumbled home from work
Soft, irksome swearing,
Thump-thud of objects dropped,
stretching silence of exhausted sleep.

He could hear her singing
Muted mesh of 80’s rock
and Disney melodies
Crash, and giggle – she must be dancing
And he smirked and shook his head

He could hear her coughing
Clearing sore throat, sniffling groans,
treasure hunts for DayQuil,
And he sifted through his stores,
but could find none to bring her.

He could hear the silence,
the empty space of her absence
reaching through the walls
He turned up his music and danced
away from its grasping fingers.

He could hear her crying
Muffled sobs against the floor
She doesn’t move for hours,
frozen, immobile sadness. And he crosses
over to her door, and softly knocks.

– s. Clark

Happiness Conflicted

With all I learned from knowing you,
I’m happy that we met.
With all the pain of loving you,
I’m happy to forget.

– s. Clark

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