Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"


God Poetry

A Remnant Remains

I wrote this in honor of a dear friend and great man, Philip List Jr. No poem could capture the power of his legacy. But as we honored his life, and his amazing family stood before us in unity and strength even amidst their sorrow, I was struck with the last words of this piece. So this is for him and for them.
“A Remnant Remains.”A Remnant Remains

At the Foot of the Throne

This is actually a song that I hope to someday play for you all.
Until then, here’s “At the Foot of the Throne”
At the Foot of the Throne.JPG

Philippians 1:21

Philippians 1 21



A Writer’s Prayer

A Writer's Prayer

Nothing Changes

Nothing Changes

A Glimpse

A Glimpse.PNG

In Hatred’s Desolation

In Hatred's Desolation.png

First and Foremost

First and foremost: you.
And all that’s else will follow after.
Even if it feels
Like rushing headfirst to disaster.

 – s. Clark

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