Poetic Utterings

Life can be a bitter brew, but not as bold and strong as you.


Encouraging Poetry

Music in my Ear

Music in my Ears

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

Call to Open Arms

Friends, in response to my previous post and in light of all that’s happening in the world right now, I offer you my humble reply.

Call to Open Arms

A Life Unchained

A Life Unchained

Rooted. – Illustration by Pieter Clark

A depiction of my poem “Rooted.” by Pieter Clark! You can find him at C3 Art.

Rooted. drawing



Happy New Year, my friends! May 2017 be a glorious year of you being true to who you are and what you are passionate about!

In honor of that, and the year to come…



Stained with Dreams

Stained with Dreams.png

In Hatred’s Desolation

In Hatred's Desolation.png

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