For those of you for whom this Christmas has been hard. Whether you are away from loved ones, feeling isolated despite (or perhaps because of) family and friends, or surviving through tragedy, know that you are not alone. God loves and cares for you. And I do too! If you find yourself lonely, know there is hope, and I would love to hear from you.

Missing Christmas

There’s no chimney to hang stockings on,
No tree for presents underneath,
Just a little Christmas wreath,
And a manger by the door.
I dreamed last night that I was back
With you, in all our favorite places,
Surrounded by familiar faces,
Like it was before.
But I won’t be home for Christmas,
I can’t wake you at the dawn.
We will both have to carry on,
And find a way to live.
I close my eyes, remembering
How God sent His only son to earth,
That will be my source of mirth,
And the reason that I give.

– s. Clark