We all must face the winter
Cutting cold into our lives,
At some point we all stand against the storm.
We sink in sorrow’s icy depths
And pray that we survive,
Forgetting how it once felt to be warm.
At times we may freeze over,
Numbing fire from our blood,
Blunting mind and limb with shards of fear,
And some of us have laid ourselves
Beneath the snowy flood,
And never thought the avalanche would clear.
But winter is a season,
It comes only for a while,
Though we bear scars forever to explain.
The light will always follow,
And we learn again to smile,
And flowers of compassion grow from pain.
Leaves of peace will bloom upon
The forest of our grief,
The robin will return again to sing.
Though winter seems eternal,
Do not give it your belief.
Our hearts will always come again to spring.

– s. Clark