To Me

To Me, to Me, oh child of mine
To Me, to Me in the fray
To Me, warrior, in the hardest times
To Me when the dark hides the day

Come running to the Healer of scars
Whenever the storm won’t abate
Come back to me when you’ve wandered too far
To Me when your wrongs are too great

To Me! To Me when you’re bleeding and raw
To Me when the tears will not end
I’m here, though you’ve broken and mocked every law
Unending, I am still your Friend

Little one, when you need arms that are strong
To hold your bloody pieces in whole,
The times when you know you’ve done everything wrong,
To Me, with despair in your soul

To Me, oh my child, with blood on your hands
Rest your head when you are weary
To Me, when you know you can no longer stand
And when you can see nothing clearly

To Me when you doubt, and to Me when you rage
To Me when you fear every road!
To Me when you’re young, and to Me when you age
To Me, come to Me with your load

And if you should break so you cannot go on,
In life when your head is bowed low,
Then bring me your cares until they are all gone
To Me, dear one, I want to know!

To Me, for I’m kind. To Me, for I’m good
To Me, for I don’t ever leave
Even though you do not do as you should,
I give love until you receive

To Me, for I’m wise, and to Me for My will
For no one else will be enough
To Me for your needs. To Me, and be still…
To Me for My limitless love

– s. Clark