She would rather that
One loyal, loving soul
Who knew her facts and faults
Who knew her in the whole
Would kneel beside her grave
And weep upon the dirt
That all the pain borne there
Would be an honest hurt
Of one who truly loved her,
The girl within the ground,
And thought the world much sadder
If she were not around.
She would rather have that,
One true, and loving friend,
Than a thousand admirers
To cry over her end;
Than all the world’s fanatics
To call a sadder place
The world that tried to claim her,
But only knew her face.
For she would change one life
And make it truly more,
Rather than claim many,
And leave them as before.
Yes, she would choose a death
That many do not feel.
But for those few who know it,
Their grief, their love, is real.

– s. Clark