From the countless different features
Made for faces in this world,
Matched with all the different textures
Of our hair, from straw to curls,
There is just one combination
Falling purposely to place
That could bring them all together
To make your specific face.
And though you may share some features,
Mother’s eyes and father’s chin,
Like the way you got my smile
So we shared our silly grin,
All the pieces of your puzzle,
Shades and dimples, scrapes and scars,
Made a unique constellation
Out of all our common stars.
And it’s strange how the mosaic
Of expressions that were yours
Could leave such an empty echo
Where the pattern was before.
Though we came from the same palette,
You were made a work of art
That could never be repeated
Through the sum of painted parts.
And I can’t help but be broken
That through each familiar place,
I can pick out all your features
But I’ll never find your face.

– s. Clark