He told her she encouraged him
And that it was her gift,
And it was ever her delight
To give his soul a lift.
But to be clear, she would not stand
To call it flattery,
When she would never deign to tell
A lake it was the sea.

She showed him how her heart could be
So fearful of its flaws,
And how her house of confidence
Was really built of straws.
And standing in her house of straw,
She looked out from her door
And noticed that the houses there
Were built of not much more.

She thought of how she wished sometimes
That when others saw good
Within her soul, that they would want
To tell her, and they would.
So she resolved within her heart,
“If I’m to build a home,
I’ll use the wood to build them up,
And hope they’ll build my own.”

– s. Clark