There was a time, within my mind,
that I could see the world in one swift glance, and then perchance
might have controlled it, gone to mold it
in my hands. But what a bland
and undivine world it would be, if a mere girl
could learn to bend it, comprehend it,
think to see and know all of its mystery!
And what a small, pathetic god in all
her glory, making tiny temper-quaking
and tiny sadnessess and gladnessess
in her small life. Her quick confusion and despair at strife,
her inability to cope, and swift abandonment of hope.
Such a god I would not follow! Her hollow
rule is without power. She is a pretty flower,
and just as quickly dead. Still, instead
of searching for the truth, I would ignore
the larger world I find that dwarfs my mind,
and set myself upon the throne, to live my own
days out in proud insanity. I will not, for it would be
a small, sad rule if I am god. The kingdom of a fool.
And what a grander scheme, to dream
beyond oneself, to be so limited and free
to leave the work and worry, the faults and fury
of this life in bigger hands, that shaped the lands
I merely walk upon. And know He still persists when I am gone.

– s. Clark