The second star into the east,
And ride it until time has ceased
Leave all your duties in your trail
Of starlight. Breathe the clouds, and sail
Into the endless span of night.
With faith, and trust, and dust, take flight.

Come follow me, just take my hand,
I’ll lead you on to Neverland
Where you aren’t needed anymore.
Let burdens go. Be free, explore!
Just– take care in the ocean caves,
Lest merfolk drown you in the waves.

Release your worries, have some fun!
There are no tasks here to be done.
There’s no one who can tell you “no”,
Nowhere you’re not allowed to go.
But still– beware the woods at night,
Just to be safe… Don’t leave the light.

Here you can start your life all new,
If you would rather not be you.
New names and faces are just fine,
So let your memories slip your mind.
You’ll lose them as you linger on,
And you won’t even know they’re gone.

Come play with me– I’m so alone
I’ve been so long here on my own.
I’ll take you from the life you fear,
And trade it for the danger here.
Just listen to the song of Pan,
You’re never leaving Neverland.

– s. Clark