This is the life I chose
While waiting for life to begin.
And there are always those
Who tell us only now is when
We live. So why do I still wait
For it, for everything, to start?
Hearing my voice reverberate
Within a hollowed heart
Still waiting to be filled.
And all my dreams still there,
Out to be caught or killed.
Then twist-and-pinning up my hair,
I ready for existence now
That passes time, awhile I wait,
The captain standing at her bow.
I work, and set my course to fate.
Unsteering search for land,
Blown to-and-fro nowhere,
The wheel has yet no able hand
To guide, I would need to know where
I head. So I survey the sea
And wonder where this ocean goes
I do not know what life should be
This is the life I chose.

– s. Clark