When I return as dust to dust,
As all man must, within the span of time,
I will request, expect, your negligence
Believing your expense superfluous
To wrap my shell in satin and in lace
When not a trace of me is left to mind
Allow the worms to call my husk a hall!
It bears no gall to crumble back to earth.
Leave no stone head to mark my resting place,
Nor grace the hollow ground with well-born gifts
If you would honor me beyond my end,
Calling me friend, then celebrate my soul
And let me fly to wonders yet unknown
Where I have flown, there is no horror found.
Then plant above my costume, left to rot,
Pure flowers not less beautiful than I
That I may yet contribute happiness
In the distress of all those who may pass
Though I will not gaze back, unmoved to learn
When I return, as dust to dust.

– s. Clark