Look up! The world is waiting
On the other end of taking
All your pictures, and relating
Everything you’ve done and seen.
At the end of all your posting,
Will you find you’re only coasting
Through a world that is as ghostly
As that thin, translucent screen?

Look up! You’ll miss the smiles,
And the wisdom, and the wiles,
All the strange, exotic styles
That surround you every day.
All your surfing and your scrolling,
Electronically extolling,
While the world just keeps on rolling
Faster and farther away.

Look up, you’ll miss the teasing,
Miss the burning and the freezing,
All the things that make life pleasing,
Stars, and seas, and fireflies!
Through veils your life is calling,
All the rising and the falling
Will be never as enthralling
Seen through digital disguise.

– s. Clark