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Life can be a bitter brew, but not as bold or strong as you.


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The Beauty in Everything

The Beauty in Everything

Gold and Green

Gold from Green

Try Everyone Once

A refurbished re-run of an old favorite!

Try Everyone Once

I Did Not Play Guitar

I Did Not Play Guitar

To the End

Posting again today in remembrance of those who gave their lives on 9/11 in service and protection of their fellows, and in gratitude to the countless who pulled together to help in the aftermath. Firefighters, and police, and medical personnel, and construction workers, and those who took up leadership positions when it was needed. For the military and civilian alike who could have remained safe but charged in to help at their own peril. For John and Jo Vigiano, and Karen Juday, and Michael Trinidad, and Sean Eckert, and Todd Beamer, and all those I cannot name. Remembering the horror, and their courage in facing it.

Frail Comfort

In offering to my several friends who have recently lost dear ones… Words cannot begin to touch this. But what I have, I give you.

Frail Comfort

New song! Over-Sold

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Over-Sold screen shot

Wider Wings

Wider Wings

Re-run: Untrodden Ground

Hello all! I know it’s been a while, I’ve been out on the Appalachian Trail. New poems (AND SONGS!) to come soon! Until then, in honor of the trail, here’s a re-run of my last hiking poem
Untrodden Ground

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